Instructional Routines

I have…You need…

Explore relationships between partners of 5, 10, 20, 100, one-half, etc. while building number bonds.

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Number Strings

A series of related math questions that build towards fluency in a particular strategy by exploring relationships between the questions and focusing on mental math strategies. (Fosnot)

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Numberless Word Problems

Removing the numbers from word problems provides opportunities for students’ to make sense of the question before attempting to solve it.

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Math Flips

Build relational thinking by using a card with one problem on the front and a related problem on the back. Students use what they know from solving the front side to help them solve the question on the back.  

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Which One Doesn’t Belong

Explore four images, values, graphs, equations and provide a reason for each item not belonging with the rest of the group.

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